A great water feature can enhance your property and your life. Anything from a simple birdbath to a bubbling brook running through your property can add curb appeal to your home, help area wildlife survive and boost your mental health.

Water features aren’t hard to install but you’ll have to choose from the many options available to you. After you’ve made your decision, give the professionals at J & S Landscaping a call. We can build your water feature for you.

Benefits of a Water Feature

Curb appeal

If you live in a high-end area, adding water features and complementary landscaping can really boost your property value. Anything from an eye-catching birdbath to a cascading waterfall will add visual interest to potential homebuyers. And the sound of water in the background can help reduce any annoying background noises.

Help the local ecosystem

You’ll be supporting your local wildlife when you install a water feature. Birds, deer and rabbits are just some types of animals that may stop by for a drink. Dragonflies and toads will start hanging out at your pond. Add plants that feed these creatures and you’ll be entertained and educated for hours.

Soothe your mind and soul

There’s just something about the sound of moving water that changes our mood, relieving our stress and lifting our spirits. The sounds of nature – the water, the chirping birds and croaking toads it attracts – can transform your backyard into a haven from life. And spending time in nature has been proven to boost our mental health.

What Kind of Water Feature?

You’ve decided the benefits of having a water feature on your property are worth it. But what sort of feature should you have? Brook? Pool? Bubbling vase? Of course, much will depend on how much space you have to work with and the kind of look or feel you are going for.

Here are some ideas to consider, along with images of past projects J & S Landscaping has done for other homeowners in Southeast Michigan.

Small grotto and pond with waterfall

Outdoor Living-grotto with pond and waterfall

Can you picture yourself spending a warm summer evening here, listening to the soothing sounds of water as you visit with friends?

A stand-alone pond brings architectural interest. Built on the patio, this small grotto picks up the texture of the surrounding flagstones and brick. The waterfall keeps the pond water from becoming stagnant while adding soothing sounds.

Splash pad

Until your kids are old enough to swim in your pool unsupervised, you might consider a splash pad. With little or no standing water, a splash pad is an affordable alternative – or addition to – a traditional swimming pool. The water can be circulated from a tank below or the run-off can be directed to irrigate your surrounding plants.


Fountain before a home

A classic place for a fountain is in a circular drive. Fountains can also be placed in your garden or on your deck. Fountains are perfect as a landscaping centerpiece in a garden. The eye is naturally drawn to it, which makes it ideal to show off your prized roses.

Fountains don’t have to be wasteful. Like a splash pad, they can be designed to recycle the water for conservation, pumping it back to the fountainhead from the pool below. In addition, they can add some moisture back into the air in hot, dry climates.

Hot tub / Spa

Want a hot tub or spa but don’t like the way they look? Why not have it custom built to make it look like a small pool or pond? Or build it up with the same stones as your patio so it blends right into the surroundings. You could even design it so that your spa is integrated with your pool. This design reduces maintenance since the two can use a single pump. And with the mixture of spa and pool water, you can create a more serene outdoor space.


Landscape lighting-Waterfall in Retaining Wall

Why should a retaining wall just be a boring structure built just to holds back the hill?

Add drama to a retaining wall with this waterfall that flows into a pool below. The water recycles back up in a continuous flow. This can be a low maintenance water feature and an interesting focal point of your garden.

Complementary Landscaping

Now that you’ve chosen the water feature you want, you’ll want to add landscaping to enhance it.

Not only can J & S Landscaping build your water feature, we can help you find the right plants to complement it. Whether you need aquatic plants for a pond or perennials for your fountain we will pick the plants that will bring focus to your water feature without detracting from it.

Water Features that Dazzle

Adding a water feature can turn your backyard from ordinary to oasis, adding curb appeal and helping local wildlife.

Installing stunning water features and complementary landscaping is one of our most popular services. Our talented professionals will work creatively with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

View our gallery of water feature projects, then give us a call to discuss how we can make your dream come true.

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