A Patio Idea of Beauty
If it’s time to upgrade and if beauty and aesthetics are on the agenda then
the time is right for patio pavers. Concrete patio pavers offer a tremendous
array of advantages over other types of patio decks and areas.

Patio Design
Using interlocking concrete pavers for your patio design provides unlimited
possibilities in design concepts. You can choose amongst many different and
beautiful colors. You have your choices of types of pavers. Different pavers
have different shapes, textures, surfaces, colors and provide any number of
different design ideas, from very modern to evoking the look of ancient
Roman streets or the quaint and exquisite beauty of Europe hundreds of years
ago. Additionally there are a vast number of patterns in which to lay the

Paving Stone Advantages
Besides the beauty and aesthetics that patio pavers offer there is the
factor of performance, durability and longevity and the fact that they are
almost maintenance free.

One of the great advantages of patio pavers is that each paving stone is
surrounded by a bed of special grade sand. This provides a very strong
platform, and additionally provides just enough flexibility that seasonal
temperature changes and the subsequent expansion and contraction of the
paving stones does not cause cracks in the pavers or the design.

Poured or Stamped Concrete
It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but few will argue that
poured concrete will be as pleasing as the colors, patterns and design of
patio pavers.

Stamped and poured concrete have the disadvantage that it creates a very
hard inflexible surface that is subject to cracking from temperature
variances and physical stress. Patching a crack in concrete always leaves a
scar so beauty can be short-lived.

Wooden Patio Decks
Wooden patio decks require yearly maintenance and can be a problem to retain
their beauty. And they do not have the longevity of paving stones.

Patio Pavers
Patio pavers in any of their various designs and color patterns is today’s
choice to beautify any property and greatly add to its value.