We all have favorite parks and recreational spots we like to visit when we feel the need to get away. But what if your favorite get-away spot was right outside your door? And what if it was available every day, instead of just the weekend. Here are a few reasons why a backyard sanctuary is a great idea.

Enjoy it Every Day

Whether your work commute is an hour on a train to an urban setting, or a 30-second walk to your home office, everybody needs a place to unwind at the end of the day. A backyard sanctuary can create a beautiful meditative space, that’s easily accessible. Many of us need a break from our hectic day jobs. A restorative space in your own backyard is a great place to relax and recharge, not just on weekends, but every day.

The Transformation Process

Creating a backyard sanctuary doesn’t mean completely destroying the existing lawn. Our landscape experts can create a design that is in harmony with any existing lawn and structures. We’ll consider the natural grade of your lawn and the water runoff. We look at the natural vegetation and choose plants that will make their home in your backyard. If you already have special features in your yard like a beautiful tree line, or a fantastic view, we can work those into the design as well.

A Backyard Sanctuary Can Be Big or Small

You might like an open design that creates a seamless transition between you and the natural elements in your surroundings. Conversely, you might prefer a space that is more private and free of distractions and interruptions. Maybe a brick wall or climbing vine could provide the privacy you need while you drink your morning coffee, or sip on a glass of wine. No matter the size of the space, our landscape experts will design a plan that works perfectly for you. 

Fire and Water

Lighting is such an important element when it comes to creating a particular mood. Let the lighting experts at J & S Landscape show you how carefully planned, professional lighting can create a dramatic effect. Illuminating brick paths also allows for safe enjoyment of your backyard sanctuary, anytime of day or night. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace are also great ways to create mood and lighting in your outdoor space.

The natural sound of a waterfall or fountain is one of the quickest ways to take your mood to another place. We’ve created all kinds of water features for outdoor living. Let us show you some options that would work well with your landscape.

Invite Nature

A backyard sanctuary is a great way to invite nature into your space. Our landscape experts at J & S Landscape can show you what plants will create the kind of look you want, and will thrive in your natural environment. Your new green space will quickly become an invitation for wildlife. Whether it’s birds or butterflies, engaging with nature can be therapeutic and restorative after a long day. Add to that the sounds of water, the aroma of plants and a flickering flame, and you have a true oasis that you can enjoy every single day.