Studies show that even just a few minutes of time spent in nature is beneficial for us. But you don’t need to head out to a national park or recreational spot to take advantage of this mood-boosting source. Create your own backyard sanctuary and get away whenever you want. And when you do, you’ll reap more than a calm mind.

A Backyard Sanctuary Offers Many Benefits

titmouse bird in birdbath

Whether your office is down the hall or across town, you need time to unwind at the end of the day, a way to recharge. And if you’re meeting the current challenge of sheltering in place, private time is even more important. Spending time among the soothing sights and sounds of nature can be uplifting, calming and meditative.

When you create a backyard sanctuary, you’ll be providing a haven for migrating birds, honeybees and small creatures. Many of them are losing their natural habitats or food on their migratory paths so creating a haven for them helps preserve these species. After all, some of them pollinate our vegetables and flowers. And having birds, bees, butterflies – even frogs and toads! – around us is what being in the natural world is all about.

Creating a backyard sanctuary is also a great teaching tool for children. It gives them a chance to observe birds, small animals and insects in their natural surroundings and learn about them.

Laying the Groundwork

Whether you have a pocket park-sized yard or an acre-plus to work with, our landscape experts can create a design that is a reflection of what you envision.

We’ll look at the lay of the land – the natural grade of your lawn, the soil and how the water runs off or pools on your property. We’ll choose plants that are native to our climate so they’ll be sure to grow well in your backyard. If you have special features in your yard that you love, like a beautiful tree line, or a fantastic view, we’ll work those into the design as well.

You might like an open design that creates a seamless transition between you and the natural elements in your surroundings. Conversely, you might prefer a space that is more private and free of distractions and interruptions. Maybe a brick wall or climbing vine could provide the privacy you need while you drink your morning coffee, or sip on a glass of wine. No matter the size of the space, our landscape experts will design a plan that works perfectly for you.

Create the Mood of Your Sanctuary

Patio Landscaping

Create the mood of your backyard sanctuary through light and sound.

The perfect mood can be set with the right kind of lighting. Soft lighting around seating sets the tone for good conversation, laughter and music. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace are also great ways to create mood and lighting in your outdoor space, especially when the evenings turn cooler. Bright lights illuminating walkways is important for safety. Let the lighting experts at J & S Landscape show you how carefully planned, professional lighting can create a dramatic effect.

There’s something about the sound of water that soothes the soul. The natural sound of a waterfall or fountain is one of the quickest ways to take your mood to another place. We’ve created all kinds of water features for outdoor living. Let us show you some options that would work well with your landscape.

patio with sm. waterfall

A Web of Life

Homeowners are become increasingly aware of the importance of the web of life in their gardens. Habitat destruction, pesticides, pollution, increased UV radiation, and climate change are all playing a part in the decline of many species, some important to our food production.

In a well-balanced garden, the plants and animals are all interconnected. A bird will eat the worms and other insects that munch decomposing vegetative matter. Plants native to Michigan will attract more butterflies and bees. A water feature – even a birdbath – can become a watering spot for birds on their migratory path or a haven for frogs or toads.

If your goal is to encourage these small creatures to your garden, our landscape experts can help. We’ll guide you in choosing the right plants and trees that will invite them in and encourage them to stay.

lavendar w/beesShrubs such as common juniper and elderberry give food and shelter to birds. Meadow blazing star and pipevine attract butterflies, and oregano, salvia and lavender keep bees buzzing around.


Whether your sanctuary is just for you or something you want to share with the birds and the bees, the landscape experts at J & S Landscaping can help you create the look and environment you want. Engaging with nature can be therapeutic and restorative after a long day. Add to that the sounds of water, the aroma of plants and a flickering flame, and you have a true oasis that you can enjoy every single day.

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