Is your landscape sinking? Do you have an awkward slope in your yard? Then your property might need a retaining wall. Retaining walls have several functions and they don’t have to be ugly.

A retaining wall is mainly built to add necessary support for a sloped yard. A wall can manage water runoff. It can also add visual interest to your property and act as retainers for plants, statues and other decorative landscaping elements. But a retaining wall needs to be done correctly, or it will fail, leaving the homeowner with more problems then before.

What is a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a structure that holds soil or rocks behind it. Retaining walls are built from a variety of material, such as rocks and boulders, concrete blocks, poured concrete or treated wood. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Which material you’ll use really depends on the kind of soil or how steep the slope.

What Kind of Material?

Wood / Treated Timbers

Wood can be an inexpensive option but unless it’s treated, it has a short lifespan. As the wood weathers, it will begin to rot and your wall also will start to decompose. Even treated timbers will eventually rot.

Stones, rocks and boulders

Landscaping West BloomfieldThese can make for a natural-looking wall, perfect for a woodsy surrounding. Building this kind of wall is labor intensive and will be expensive. Over time, the wall may erode or become habitats for rodents and weeds.

Mortared stone

These can add interest to your property and give your home a stately, timeless look. But pick your stones carefully so they nestle together. This kind of wall will also need a concrete footing to keep it from cracking due to frost heave.

Poured concrete

This is the most durable choice for a retaining wall, and is very strong. If you just need something to be functional, without a lot of visual appeal, this your best option.

Belgard Pavers

If you love the idea of a retaining wall for support or aesthetics but aren’t sure how to build it, call J&S Landscaping. We’re an authorized contractor and installer for Belgard Hardscapes. These beautiful pavers are extremely durable and come with a lifetime structural warranty. But you will still need to do some seasonal maintenance and care on them, such as cleaning and sealing them.

Retaining Walls Add Visual Interest

Sometimes, you just want to add a wall for visual interest, or to differentiate one space from another. This wall is designed and constructed from Belgard pavers.

Even though some walls are necessary to retain the soil, there are also instances where retaining walls can add a layer of aesthetics to your property. Retaining walls allow experienced builders to create multiple tiers to add dimension and personality to your yard.

When a Retaining Wall Fails

Retaining walls can last for years, but eventually, they’ll have to be repaired or even replaced. If you notice your retaining wall leaning, sagging, cracking or bulging, it’s time to get to work on it. Our professionals can help you repair or replace your retaining wall.

“J&S Landscaping did an excellent job replacing a failed retaining wall in my backyard. The old rail tie wall had completely failed and, due to the sand, J&S had a lot of extra work to do to replace both wood walls.”

Bill Brower, Commerce Township, Michigan


Are you ready to install a retaining wall on your property, for support or aesthetics? Call J & S Landscaping.  We can take your vision and make it real. Whether your retaining wall will be stone, concrete or Belgard pavers, we can design and install it for you.

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