We’re always proud to provide examples of our landscaping work in Southeast Michigan. Check out our two most recent projects below.

Customers often ask us to show them examples of our past work. Truth is, we’re always very excited to hear this request because we love sharing our accomplishments. We believe each of our past projects demonstrate the value we can produce for you. This is because we¬†hold each project to the same standard we would for our own home. As a result, each landscaping project we complete is an accomplishment we are very proud of.

Our two most recent endeavors are no exception. These projects demonstrate a wide-range of services we can provide to your landscape. Whether it is small touch-ups, or a complete overhaul of your landscape, we’re more than qualified to get the job done.

Bonfire Pit

Our bonfire pit experts always deliver exceptional customer service and efficient installation. They stick with the job until your new bonfire pit is exactly how you want it. You can really tell they possess these traits by the final products they produce.

This bonfire pit, which was installed in Southeastern Michigan, has a very warm and cozy feel to it. The small walls provide a slight separation without boxing it in too much. Meanwhile, the stone selection complement the chairs perfectly, and the hearth-like theme resonates smoothly throughout the backyard.


Here at J&S Landscaping Solutions, we tailor your newest project to your needs so your new outdoor gathering spot is perfect. To learn more about our bonfire pit installation, visit our portfolio here.

Stonework, Patio & Landscape

At J&S Landscaping, we have over 23 years of experience in landscape design. Our team of talented professionals walk through the entire process with you, making sure your vision comes to life. We accomplish this through the use of industry-leading technology that demonstrates your landscape’s new look before we even begin.

This Southeast Michigan project was large in scope, but the final project is polished and healthy. We constructed a modern patio and landscape design that gives this newly constructed home a warm feel. Both the front and back yard designs are common for our company, but the execution is always tailored to your specific needs.

To learn more about our Patios and Walkways, visit our gallery here. Also, you can check out of Landscape Ideas page for more large-scale projects.