First impressions are important. A commercial landscape design will help your business in many ways. But it doesn’t have to be out of the reach of even the small business owner. Eye-catching commercial landscape design can be tailored to meet the budget and needs of any size company.

No one likes to pull up to a business and see an overgrown lawn or dilapidated steps. It gives the impression of decay, and if the business owner can’t take care of the property, what is the state of the business?

Whether it’s for a small business or large corporation, the benefits of a professionally designed landscape are the same:

  • improves property values
  • provides safety and security
  • reduces energy bills
  • environmentally responsible
  • promotes social health

Improves property values

Just as a home needs to have good curb appeal, so does a business. Having a well-maintained landscape drives up the property’s values. This includes making regular improvements and having a regular maintenance schedule.

Business is a competitive culture and many companies operate on thin profit margins. That makes it even more crucial to give your business – regardless of its size – every possible advantage. Professional landscaping is a wise investment and demonstrates pride and commitment to community beautification efforts.

Commercial Landscape Design Provides Security

The last thing you want as a businesses owner is to be responsible for an accident or a crime on your property. You can’t compromise on security but you don’t have to spend top dollar either. Minimize your liability with a good commercial landscape design that provides well-lit and maintained surroundings.

A well-planned landscape design will find a balance between comfort and beauty, and security. You will want your trees and shrubs planted where they will be aesthetically pleasing and provide shade without them becoming places where criminals could hide or conduct their own business.

Good lighting is also important for your business. Clearly marked and lit walkways will help avoid accidental falls. It also will make it harder for illegal activities to take place on the premises. Your dedication to security and safety for your customers will be an asset to your bottom line, not an expense.

Reduces energy bills

As mentioned above, it’s important to have your business have some lighting at night. But that doesn’t have to add a lot to your utility bill. You could use solar lights or garden spikes on your walkways. This type of lighting absorbs the sun’s energy and reflects it back out after nightfall. LED lights are also a wise choice to use in your lighting. These require much less wattage than incandescent lights, so they last longer and are more energy efficient.

The trees and shrubs that bring beauty to your property also can lower your energy bills. Trees placed to shade a southern facing portion of your building can lower your air conditioning bill, just as trees or shrubs placed to block northern winds can help your heating bills. Using mulch in your landscape design also helps reduce energy when you need to water them less.

Environmentally responsible

There’s a growing interest in being environmentally responsible, whether our patch is the property around our building or a 1,000-acre spread. Going green isn’t a fad and showing that you’re a good steward of the earth can build customer loyalty and save you money in the long run.

Native plants, trees, grasses and flowers are the smart choice. Native plantings use less water, which is a valuable resource in many parts of the country, and help improve air quality. They provide a place for bees, birds, butterflies and small creatures to live and thrive.

Properly chosen plants also can help reduce soil erosion. Plants prevent water runoff that can cut into the soil and wash it away. They also keep large swaths of concrete cooler by deflecting the sun’s heat away.

For new construction with large concrete areas, permeable pavers might be an option. Also known as permeable interlocking concrete pavements (PICP) these are installed with layers of varying-sized stone or aggregate underneath that filter and direct storm water to underground aquifers. But many smaller businesses will benefit from using pavers, too.

Promotes social health

Whether you’re the owner of an apartment building or a corporation with hundreds of employees, you know the value of having a landscape design that provides places for people to gather or just sit quietly in solitude.

Many studies have shows that being in nature – whether it’s a national park or a city pocket park has positive effects on our mental health.

Outdoor seating areas can be visually appealing as well as placed so that people can congregate and entertain or exchange ideas. They can also be designed to allow for solitary enjoyment in a safe area.

Calling a Landscape Design Professional

Owning a business is a challenge and competition can be fierce. Creating or updating your commercial landscape design may seem like an extra expense with little return but the benefits are real, not the least is a positive first impression.

Contacting a professional is the first step. At J & S Landscaping, our landscape designers will sit down with you and help you fill your landscape needs while keeping within your budget.

Call us today at 248-366-7980 to schedule an appointment with our professional landscape designers.