Do you know the garden trends for 2022?

Seasoned gardeners know that spring planting begins during the winter. Use the cold, dreary months to plan your spring landscaping. Then, when warmer weather arrives, with plan in hand, you can hit the ground running and quickly reap the rewards.

Just as in the fashion world, trends come and go. And just like in fashion, some trends become classics. Think of the outdoor kitchen. Once a trend, they’re now more common. You can’t go wrong with a classic landscape look of shrubs and flowers. But it’s how you present them that can incorporate a garden trend.

Here are five garden trends for 2022 that you may be able to use in your own landscaping plan.

Garden Trend #1

Go Native

One of the biggest garden trends now are native plants.

There is a growing awareness the impact climate change is having on our environment – globally, locally and even at the microlevel of our personal gardens. Using native plants, flowers and trees is a good way to combat the negative effects of climate change such as heavier storms or less rainfall.

Native plants are used to the regional soil and climate conditions and will thrive, not just survive. They’ve adapted to the pests and diseases typical of the area.

Garden Trend #2

Bring in the Birds and the Bees

Hand-in-hand with climate change is the realization how important it is to save the birds and bees. Without these pollinators, our landscapes would be much different, not to mention the lack of diversity in our food sources.

Here is where native plants come in again. Plants native to Walled Lake, Commerce Township, Waterford and West Bloomfield in southeast Michigan, include milkweed. Milkweed, butterfly plants, bee balm and purple coneflower all attract butterflies; hummingbirds and bees.

Garden Trend #3

Return of the Front Porch

When the world was in lockdown during the winter of 2020, we spent a lot of time indoors. Once the weather warmed up, many of us migrated to our front porches. We wanted to be able to visit our neighbors, even if from a distance. That trend is still popular.

One way to make your front porch more inviting – for yourself and from a street view – is to add potted plants and flowers. Use a variety of pot sizes and shapes. Don’t be afraid of using an unusual container such as a watering can. You can use a monochromatic color scheme or contrasting colors.

Add comfy seating such as a wicker rocker or porch swing and you’ll be tempted to while away the hours getting to know your neighbors.

Garden Trend #4

Secluded Hideaways

hidden garden_Garden trends 2022 J&S Landscaping

If you feel like you’re on display when you’re in your front yard, move to the back. Sometimes we just need to have time alone after a long day. The stress or a job, dealing with co-workers and family members may leave us with a need to recharge our batteries.

Spending time alone brings us so many benefits, not just for yourself, but for the birds and small local wildlife.

Garden Trend #5

Trouble-free Landscape

Garden Trends 2022 J&S Landscaping

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Believe it or not, not everyone enjoys gardening. But we all want to be surrounded by a beautiful and peaceful environment.

Here’s where J & S Landscaping can be a huge help. We have plenty of ideas for creating a low-maintenance landscape, so you don’t need to spend your precious off-time keeping up a garden.

  • Plant a ground cover for low maintenance beauty
  • Apply mulch to keep pests and weeds at bay
  • Build a patio with beautiful Belgard pavers
  • Install a retaining wall on a sloped yard to minimize mowing


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