You might be from Michigan if —

You define summer as three months of bad sledding.

You have experienced frostbite and sunburn in the same week.

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from November through March.

You know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction.

You’ve had to switch on the “heat” and the “A/C” on the same day.


And how does J&S Landscaping know it’s March?

We get questions about how and when to order mulch and what kind of mulch to use.

The answer to the first question is now and call J&S at 866-Mulch-2-U. The second question is a little more complicated. Let’s get into it.

Water Management

One of the less dramatic reasons to build a retaining wall has nothing to do with a hill, but management of frequently wet areas of the yard. This is often related to a rocky substrate and/or excessive shade. If it’s in some far corner of your yard, it might not seem as important. But if it’s near your home or your outdoor living space, it can really interfere with your enjoyment of your yard. And if it’s soupy for much of the growing season, it can really interfere.

A retaining wall may very well be the answer. This landscaping feature can help by leveling the area a little and when combined with drainage systems, directs the water to an area where it won’t cause any harm.

Visual appeal

There’s nothing quite like a yard that’s hemmed in by professionally built retaining walls. They lend a sense of restraint and dignity to the landscape as well as providing opportunities for adding flowers and shrubs you might be hesitant to plant without some barrier to protect them from foot traffic.

Retaining walls can allow homeowners to terrace steep hills so they can grow beautiful plants and trees, can provide additional seating when located near fire pits, outdoor fire places, and outdoor living spaces, and create natural barriers between different areas of the yard.

Whether they’re used to level out slopes, or stop erosion from washing away the soil from around a tree or your home, retaining walls present a clean, orderly appearance, a sense that everything is under control. When they double as raised beds for flowers and shrubs, they create even more opportunities to dress up your yard.

Need a retaining wall?

Are you ready to talk to us about your reasons to build a retaining wall? This is a great time to call!

J&S Landscaping only works with the highest quality products and we do all the work ourselves (no subcontracting, unless you want a pavilion or a fence). Our team can be counted on to give you exactly what you want—we show up on time, finish on time, and maintain a clean jobsite throughout. In addition, J&S Landscaping relies on excellent companies like Belgard,  Unilock, Romanstone, BP, and Pavestone because all their pavers are covered by guarantees.

Need more encouragement to talk to us about your need for a retaining wall? Here’s a great testimonial from one of our many happy customers!

J&S Landscaping did an excellent job replacing a failed retaining wall in my backyard. The old rail tie wall had completely failed and, due to the sand, J&S had a lot of extra work to do to replace both wood walls. Jeff and Jeff were professional in their dealings with me and did everything they could to not exceed the budget. The end result, as you can see in the pictures, was beautiful! I get constant comments from my neighbors and see people taking pictures of the wall for ideas in their own yards. They also replaced my front walk and redid my old concrete porch. The result is also fantastic! I am happy to recommend J&S for any landscaping work you might have.

Bill B.

Commerce Township, Michigan


If you’re looking for help with your yard, J&S Landscaping has you covered! We provide year-round care for lawns, plants, and trees. We worry about the health of your landscape, so you don’t have to.

Or are you interested in adding a fire pit or outdoor fireplace? We’d love to help you build one for your next gathering. Maybe it’s time to update your outdoor living space by adding a new patio or kitchen? We do those too!

J&S Landscaping is a member of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association. We provide top-notch lawn care and support for plants, trees, and shrubs. And everything we purchase and plant for you has a one-year guarantee.

We are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute to install paver patios & walkways, brick paver driveways, retaining walls, and more. We are an authorized contractor for Belgard and we’re so confident of our work that we certify our installations for two years. All of our crews are carefully trained, certified, and bonded.

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