What does Mulch do?

Homeowners use mulch for a variety of purposes. Yes, mulch gives your garden a polished look and makes your yard look more complete. Its practical functions are just as important, though. Compost helps plants grow stronger by insulating seeds from extreme weather changes while simultaneously contributing essential organic nutrients.

Mulch also facilitates enhanced water absorption in your plants. A fresh layer slows storm water run-off and slows evaporation in the soil. When the soil in your garden is sufficiently hydrated, you won’t need to water your plants as much.

One of the best parts of this landscaping tool is how dynamic it is. Whether you want to trap heat in the soil before summer tapers off or your plants need to remain cool as the summer is on its way, mulch can help you.

Finally, Mulch adds a polished tone to your landscape. Today, there is a wide variety of mulches you can choose from so you can find the perfect match.

How Much Do I Need?

If you already have mulch on your beds and just need a fresh layer, then less will do. A new landscaping project will require more to get great color, help with drainage, root insulation and protect against erosion. Too much mulch can also be a problem, as it can keep important nutrients from the plant roots. Our landscaping experts at J & S Landscaping can offer a recommendation based on your particular lawn and our particular climate.

What Kind?

What kind of mulch you put on your lawn is largely a personal choice. Some homeowners like being able to choose a particular color. Some others make their choice based on properties like texture and ability to preserve moisture. We have a several choices of mulch in a variety of colors. Contact one of our “lawn-scaping” experts so we can answer all your questions.