What Kind of Mulch?

What kind of mulch you put on your lawn is largely a personal choice. Some homeowners like being able to choose a particular color. Some others make their choice based on properties like texture and ability to preserve moisture. We have a several choices in a variety of colors. Contact one of our “lawn-scaping” experts so we can answer all your questions.

Homeowners invest a great deal of time and money in their homes and landscaping. Your annual mulch installation is a way to protect that investment. Call now to schedule your delivery

Delivered Direct to You!

J&S Landscaping is Michigan’s leading Mulch Delivery company. Our semi-trucks arrive weekly to bring you the freshest wood chips direct from Canada and Northern Michigan at rock bottom prices. Our clean, reliable fleet of well maintained trucks runs 7 days a week with same day delivery available.

Call us any time, any day, at 1-866-MULCH-2-U today to schedule your delivery!

When is the Best Time?

Mulch protects your plants from heat and preserves moisture. So the best time to apply it is after the spring rains, but before summer heat arrives. Mulch generally has a shelf life of less than a year. Regardless of what kind you select, it’s an annual expense that should be included in your landscape budget. Think of it as additional protection for the investment you have already made in your home and lawn.

How Much Do I Need?

If you already have mulch on your beds and just need a fresh layer, then less will do. A new landscaping project will require more to get great color, help with drainage, root insulation and protect against erosion. Too much mulch can also be a problem, as it can keep important nutrients from the plant roots. Our landscaping experts at J & S Landscaping can offer a recommendation based on your particular lawn and our particular climate.