A plant hardiness zone map is important when you’re planning your garden.

When you’re a gardener, you look forward to spring planting like a child looks forward to Christmas. But before you can plant, you need a plan. Plant too soon, and some of your plants may die in a late-season frost or snow. Plant too late, and you may miss some peak bloom times.

Below are some tips for planning your garden so it will be blooming all season long.

Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Michigan

Download a PDF of the Plant Hardiness Zone Map for Michigan here.

One of the most important pieces of information you need for planning your garden is your area’s plant hardiness zone. As you can see, Southeast Michigan is in Zone 5 with a few areas in 6.

Map Your Garden

Hopefully by now, you are familiar with your property and landscape. You know the areas that get a lot of sun or shade. You know the dip in the yard that retain water.

If you don’t know if your soil has an acidic pH or an alkaline pH, get it tested. It will be important as you decide which kinds of shrubs and flowers to plant.

Then start thinking of what you’d like in your garden. What part of your garden do you need height? Which plants and flowers might be overshadowed by surrounding bushes if they are too short?

Do you want a variety of color or monochromatic scheme? What about scents? Some flowers and plants are more fragrant than others. Here are some ideas with plants appropriate for southeast Michigan’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map.

In order by height, tallest to shortest: Lilac, Peony, Rugosa rose, Daylily, Daffodil, Mealycup sage, Petunia, Sedum, Chrysanthemum, Forget-me-not, Pansy, Dianthus.

In order by bloom time: Forget-me-not, Daffodil, Lilac, Dianthus, Pansy, Peony, Petunia, Rugosa rose, Mealycup sage, Daylily, Sedum, Chrysanthemum.

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