Professional Outdoor Lighting installations are the perfect finishing touch for your landscape

There are few things as visually satisfying as the first time you see your home adorned with professional outdoor lighting. In addition to all of its practical benefits, a professional-grade light setup just looks and feels right.

Imagine sitting around the back patio with your friends and family. As the crisp Michigan sky fades to dusk, your automated exterior lights slowly come to life, providing a seamless transition into a classic American evening. The next thing you know, it’s nighttime, but the mood has only grown more comfortable with each passing second.

Professional outdoor lighting is the finishing touch that brings these beautiful moments to life. It feeds into your home’s natural aura, from well-lit walkways to lavish patios,

Here a two specific benefits outdoor lighting provides your home:


Professional Outdoor Lighting Detroit Michigan

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, and the exterior of your home is just that – the first thing your guests will see. While the interior parts of your home may be perfect, it’s the outside that really sets the tone.

If you partner with a credible professional lighting company, such as J&S Landscaping, your home will radiate through the night as guests approach your home. A well-lit home will provide a serene and polished look to your house, making it a beacon within the dark night.

There are many ways professionals can achieve this sensation. Walkway lights, for instance, act as a guiding force for those coming to your house. Upon arrival, the front lights greet them at the entrance with a subtle sense of comfort and security.

Investing money in making your outside beautiful with lightening lets you enjoy your outdoor space during all hours of the day, not only the daylight hours. For these reasons and more, a professional can help design a lighting scheme that accents your home in all the right ways.


Professional Outdoor Lighting Walled Lake Michigan

While great outdoor lighting serves to welcome your guests, it also scares away unwanted visitors. In fact, a National Institute of Justice study found that outdoor lighting was a significant deterrent of crime. The study found criminals were 21% less likely to target homes that installed outdoor lights.

The rationale is simple: criminals don’t want to get caught. Burglars are less likely to commit a crime is they will be seen by a resident or neighbor. Therefore, houses that have lights designed to properly illuminate building entrances, parking lots and walkways provide a blanket of warm security.

Taking it one step further, some homes utilize lighting controls with their home. These automated lights turn on when they detect movement. In addition to warding off others, lighting controls also serve a functional purpose, allowing you to see in the night without having to flip a switch. And, because they aren’t always turned on, they can save quite a bit of electricity.

Campus Safety Magazine published an extensive report citing the benefits of using lighting controls at colleges. Although your home is likely not next door to the arts & sciences building, the principles still apply.


Both of these powerful benefits enhance the appeal of your home. Additionally, there is more to gain from an installation than your enjoyment and security. From a pure value standpoint, professional outdoor lighting can make your home more valuable for potential buyers. You could say partnering with a professional lighting company is an investment. Partnering with the right lighting professionals, however, is what makes it a fun investment.

At J&S Landscaping, we have been installing professional outdoor lights throughout Southeastern Michigan for more than 20 years. It is our mission to help create the perfect look and feel for your family’s home. As you can tell from our portfolio, we’ve installed all sorts of lighting setups through the years. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do to light up your home this spring, contact us today!