J&S Landscaping views the retaining wall as a thing of beauty. It’s a multi-purpose, attractive solution to a number of problems, and can sometimes solve several at once. When we use a retaining wall as a drainage solution, we encourage homeowners to start planning how they want to dress up their yard now that their problem is solved. We like to point out that the wall can easily be incorporated into gardens and outdoor living spaces, and can even double as seating around a fire pit.

This landscaping tool is one of humanity’s earliest engineering feats, emerging shortly after we settled into our inaugural homes. We knew we needed to redirect water and safeguard our abodes and gardens from the challenges posed by floods and drought. So we created walls from whatever we had on hand—rocks, hardened clay, and wood. No one knows for sure who invented them, but they date back to ancient Egypt and might be older than that.

For all of our technological advancements, nothing we’ve come up with can replace the humble, yet versatile retaining wall. And as time has gone on, we’ve expanded on their use, turning them into attractive landscaping tools that homeowners are delighted to have as a part of their outdoor living areas.

Retaining Wall as a drainage solution

A retaining wall can protect your property from all sorts of problems. It shields home foundations from water damage, erosion, and mud-slides, at the same time allowing homeowners and business owners to reshape their landscape and maintain their property. And it can even prevent lake houses from being eroded by rising and falling water levels.

It’s important to note that when professional landscaping and hardscaping companies use a retaining wall as a drainage solution, they aren’t just stacking rock or brick and calling it good. The drainage system includes drainage stone (think gravel), filter fabric, perforated pipe, and outlets. Each component plays a crucial role in ensuring proper drainage and preventing issues such as clogging and water buildup.

Retaining walls offer more than just structural support; they can also serve as valuable tools in gardening projects.

Retaining Wall as a Gardening Tool

Retaining walls can serve multiple purposes at the same time. As gardening tools, they can help prevent soil erosion in sloped areas while redirecting run-off away from gardens. They can also help gardeners keep the water in dry, sloped areas, while creating a beautiful, unique landscape.

Drawing on an ancient method of gardening on steep slopes, modern gardeners and homeowners can use retaining walls to create tiered gardens, providing natural irrigation, stabilizing the soil, and preventing it from washing away during heavy rainfall. The different levels created by the retaining walls provide flat surfaces for planting and gardening, allowing you to maximize your gardening space and create visually appealing landscapes. For example, imagine a sloped backyard where rainwater frequently causes soil erosion.

The different levels created by the retaining walls can be used for various plants, herbs, or even small trees, adding depth and dimension to your garden.

Envision a tiered garden space where you can grow different types of plants that require different levels of sunlight. You can create separate garden beds on each level, accommodating the specific sunlight requirements of each type of plant. The result could be a visually stunning garden that enhances the overall beauty of your yard.

Not into gardening? How about entertaining?

Retaining Wall as Extra Seating

Retaining walls can serve a dual purpose by providing additional seating in outdoor spaces. So whether you need a retaining wall for a traditional purpose or you’re just looking for stable, weatherproof seating, a wall may be the answer. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Comfortable Seating Areas: Retaining walls can include flat or gently sloping areas that provide comfortable seating. By incorporating proper dimensions, backrests, and cushioning, the retaining wall can become an inviting space for relaxation and socializing. For instance, imagine a backyard patio area with a sloped terrain. By constructing a retaining wall with a flat top surface and adding cushions and throw pillows, you can create a comfortable seating area where you and your guests can enjoy outdoor gatherings and conversations.
  • Integration with Landscaping Design: Retaining walls offer an opportunity to integrate seating areas seamlessly into the overall landscaping design. By selecting materials and finishes that complement the surrounding environment, the retaining wall seating can blend harmoniously with the natural elements of your outdoor space. For example, envision a garden with a retaining wall made with attractive pavers. By adding built-in paver benches along the wall and incorporating planters with colorful flowers, you can create a seating area that blends beautifully with the organic elements of the garden, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.
  • Versatility in Design: Retaining walls can be designed in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different seating needs. Whether you prefer a long bench-style seating or smaller individual seating areas, the design possibilities are vast. For instance, consider a backyard with a retaining wall that curves along the edge of a patio area. By incorporating curved built-in seating along the wall, you can create an intimate space for relaxation and conversation. Alternatively, you can create separate seating nooks at different intervals along the wall, providing individual seating areas for privacy or socializing. This design also creates boundaries along the edges of the patio and outdoor kitchen, redirecting traffic away from eating and food prep areas.

By incorporating seating into the design of your retaining walls, you can optimize your outdoor space and create functional areas for relaxation and entertainment.

Wondering if you need a retaining wall?

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