If your small patio seems crowded and unfriendly, your problem might be design, not size. Small patios can actually be friendly, beautiful, and accessible with the right plan. At J & S Landscaping we create patios and outdoor spaces that extend the area of your kitchen. We can create outdoor seating that is both comfortable and beautiful. And we can finish the project with carefully selected plantings and professional lighting, so your patio is accessible and usable whenever you are.

Small Patio Design

If you’re looking to maximize your small backyard, a professionally designed patio, even a small one, can add beauty and value to your home. It will expand your living space and allow you to cook, eat and entertain in style. If you love outdoor entertaining, then you’ll love the stunning brick patios from J & S Landscaping. Patios are growing in popularity because of a trend toward outdoor living.

Begin by thinking about the location of your brick patio. Do you want it to flow from the back entrance of your home, with easy access to the kitchen? Or would you prefer a more private retreat, a little further away from the house?

Will your patio be for small family gatherings, or will it need to accomodate a larger crowd? If you need additional space, we can design stairs or a brick path, leading to your yard.

Would you prefer a circular design? You might try placing lawn furniture or folding chairs in different arrangements, to get an idea of how much finished space you’ll need.


Once you’ve figured out the size and location of your patio, the experts at J & S Landscaping can walk you through the choices of building materials. In addition to concrete, you can use brick, flagstone, slate or a combination. We’ll help you design a patio you’ll love, one that will blend with the style of your house.

In addition to the “look” of your outdoor space, we’ll also want to consider drainage and the grade of your property. This is a really important aspect of outdoor design. Building a patio without proper attention to water runoff can cause huge costly problems for your foundation.

Lighting and Landscaping For Your Small Patio

Whether your patio is built with stone or created with simple concrete, the right details can make it a standout. Adding amenities like low-voltage lighting, a fire pit and the right landscaping can create the backyard sanctuary of your dreams. Talk to our crew about our 3D Landscaping. Our experienced team can bring life to your small patio.

Choosing the right plantings is an important final step to creating your backyard sanctuary. You’ll want to think about the height and size of the mature plants and what kind of view you want from your patio. Brick patios provide warm, neutral backdrops that look great with most colors. The natural colors of brick also are a great contrast with the greens and citrus colors found in most landscaping.

Ready to start the process? For design tips, layouts, and the best materials, check out our portfolio for more ideas. Or contact us with your questions.