Spring landscaping plans begin in winter. Plant the seeds of what you envision for your garden and yard over the winter. By the time warmer weather arrives, you’ll be able to quickly reap the rewards with your plan in hand.

Spring Landscaping Gives Your Home a Fresh Look

There are good reasons to make changes to your landscape design. Many people move during the summer months, buying and selling their homes. Spring is a good time to get your home ready to go on the market. We may need to make renovations to our home’s interior to boost its resale value. It might also be a good idea to do the same to its exterior to increase its curb appeal.

Like the fashion and art worlds, garden trends come and go. Some are longer-lasting than others. Outdoor kitchens, once a trend, have become more typical. Others, such as a new plant, flower or shrub, are more of a “flash in a pan.”

Spring Landscaping Trends for 2020

TREND 1 – Think Color

For almost 20 years, Garden Media Group has been predicting trends for garden-focused businesses. You can easily adapt these to your personal garden. The group predicts that cool indigo will be the “hot” color for 2020. Have a corner of your garden that gets a lot of sun? Tone down the heat by planting a blue, indigo or purple flower or shrub. Columbine, one of the many varieties of Agapanthus such as Lily of the Nile, or a Dwarf Bearded Iris are good choices for full sun or part shady areas. 

If you’re more inclined to follow consumer trends, you can take your cue from the Pantone Color Institute, which announces a “color of the year.” It’s a color that consumers see pop up in clothing, home décor, paints and flowers. They named “Flame Scarlet” and “Saffron” as two of the fashion colors for 2020. Consider Michigan Holly or Butterfly Weed.

At J & S Landscaping we can help you with a color palette. Different plants bloom at different times. We can help you create a plan that will keep your garden full of color, from the beginning of spring, until the last days of summer.

TREND 2 –Secluded Spaces

We know spending time in nature is good for us mentally. You don’t have to go far to get the benefits of being outdoors. Many cities are developing “pocket parks,” small grassy spots with a bench or two, statuary or a flowering shrub for citizens to stop and enjoy a few moments of peace.

A secluded spot in your garden gives you a place to read, meditate or have an intimate conversation or meal with a loved one. You can create your own garden retreat just steps away from your house. 

Differentiate your space

You don’t need a large area for your own mini park. In fact, that defeats the purpose. Even a corner of your yard can be transformed into a retreat. Just mark it off with an arched arbor, tall urns or a hedge. Have more money in your budget? Consider a low wall or even an enclosed garden à la “The Secret Garden.” Our team at J & S Landscaping can show you some options.

Make it an enclosure

Add a canopy or pergola. It will not only offer shade from the hot sun, but protection from a light rain, allowing you to spend more time in your retreat.

Have comfortable seating

Iron or stone benches might look artistic or fit into your garden’s theme. But be sure to add soft cushions or you won’t be there for long.

Include a water feature

The sound of water can add a meditative backdrop to our internal musings. If you have a pond nearby or an outdoor fountain, build your retreat there to take advantage of the water.

Use a neutral color palette

Neutral colors – black, gray, silver, white and, in a garden, green – are perfect for your retreat. These colors will create a sense of calm and peace in the environment but they don’t have to be boring! The various shades of green in hostas will enliven the surroundings without being overbearing. And you can always give your retreat a pop of color here and there. White flowers can do that during the day and at night and in the early morning and evening hours, will cast a luminous glow.

TREND 3 – Garden Technology

Whether it’s a low-tech self-watering pot or a high-tech automatic lawn mower, gadgets and apps can help the home gardener have a beautiful lawn, healthy soil and well-tended plants. Below are some items the home gardener may find helpful in combating pests, ensuring a healthy water supply and identifying what can grow in their climate zone.


These take the self-watering flower pot idea a step further. For instance, the “garden cam” is like an outdoor “nanny cam” that lets you capture how your garden grows or watch the creatures that inhabit it. You set the intervals of this time-lapse digital camera to snap photos, from every minute up to every 24 hours.


Having the right amount of water in your garden can mean the difference between a healthy plant and one that is drowning or parched. If you have different types of soil in your garden, this will help ensure you have the right amount of water going to the right area. Just insert the sensor into the soil and it gives you a reading of its moisture level.


There are lots of apps that can help you identify the insects and plants in your garden and even the diseases that may be killing your shrubs and trees. Some to look into are GardenTags, GrowIt and Garden Answers Plant Identifier. The last one also will help you identify pests in your garden. Gardenize helps you keep track of all the plants in your garden. It acts like a journal and lets you keep notes on plant growth and tasks such as fertilizing and watering. All are free and available for either iOS or Android.

At J & S Landscape, we also use technology in our 3D Landscape Design. We can help you see the beautiful lawn and garden you envision in yourmind. Call today to ask how we can help you design your own secret garden or just find the right plantings to enhance your home’s curb appeal to boost its resale value.