When it comes to outdoor entertaining, nothing is more inviting, or convenient, than a stone bonfire pit in your own backyard. Stone bonfire pits serve not only as a decorative centerpiece for your patio, but are also a comfortable and warm place for family and friends to linger around a campfire.

Benefits of a Stone Bonfire Pit

There are endless options when designing an outdoor entertaining space. A stone bonfire pit is always a great choice because of its vibrant, long-lasting heat and durability.

The biggest benefit when it comes to installing your stone bonfire pit is the comfort and ambiance it creates for you and your guests. Who wants to linger outside in the harsh Michigan winter without a viable heat source? A stone bonfire pit not only provides warmth for you and your guests, but also adds style and elegance to your outdoor living space.

A permanent stone bonfire pit has many advantages. The quality construction offers beauty and durability. It can serve as an alternative cooking source or the perfect marshmallow roasting station. And it usually emits more heat than other outdoor options.


Maybe one of the best reasons to consider an outdoor stone bonfire pit is that it stretches out the season. And who doesn’t love more summer! Because a bonfire pit provides both warmth and ambiance, it will allow you to enjoy spring a little sooner, and fall a little later.


Planning Your Stone Bonfire Pit

Our experienced and talented design crew can answer your questions about the size and scope of any project. We also invite you to check out our online gallery for ideas. 

You might also consider outdoor lighting, to further enhance your enjoyment and accessibility of your stone bonfire pit. Lighting is such an important element when it comes to creating a particular mood. Let the lighting experts at J & S Landscape show you how carefully planned, professional lighting can create a dramatic effect. Illuminating brick paths also allows for safe enjoyment of your backyard sanctuary, anytime of day or night.

Finally, a stone bonfire pit is a great outdoor entertaining solution for a small yard. When choosing an outdoor fire pit, think about the available space in your backyard. Be

sure to check with local officials about any special regulations that may apply to your city, neighborhood or development. Many communities require a minimum of a 10-foot distance from your house and neighbors’ yards.

Ready for J & S Landscaping to lend you a hand?

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