“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”
– Red Adair


J&S Landscaping Commercial landscaping
J&S Landscaping flowers and steps
J&S Landscaping commercial landscape flowers and trees

If you own a business in Walled Lake or one of the surrounding communities and you’re here because you’re weighing the benefits of hiring a  commercial landscaping service near you, you’ve come to the right place. J&S Landscaping knows how important this decision is.  We help businesses look their best every day.

The appearance of your building will reflect your competence and professionalism. This is one area in which business owners should never cut corners. How your business looks when a customer pulls into your parking lot will create an indelible first impression. You want it to be a good one.

Let’s discuss eight benefits of hiring a commercial landscaping company! And then we’ll tell you why you should trust J&S Landscaping with all your commercial landscaping needs.

 Community Outlook

The appearance of your business says a lot about how you feel about the people you serve. In every community, there is at least one house that goes “whole hog” during holidays. They don’t just decorate—they re-decorate! Locals love to drive by that house just to see what they’ve added. In a world facing so many challenges, we take our joy where we can get it. People who decorate like this are doing it in part to please themselves, but also because they recognize the importance of their role in their community.

A well-kept exterior communicates professionalism, respect, and warmth. It is an invitation to customers to come inside and it tells them that this business will take care of their needs. Hiring a local commercial landscaping service can help you attain this same atmosphere. J&S Landscaping IS that company!


Attract More Customers

Right or wrong, it is human nature to judge a book by its cover. When a potential customer sees your business for the first time, you want the appearance of your business to instill confidence. A business with a professionally kept exterior communicates that you can handle your customer’s business professionally too.

We can give you all of that and more! We offer everything from landscaping care to power washing.

J&S Landscaping commercial landscaper

Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Service Saves Money & Time

Hiring a professional commercial landscaping service near you frees you up to do what you do best—run your company and focus on your customers. No more hurrying to take care of the exterior of your building or shop between customers or spending your days off doing jobs someone else can handle for you. You can relax knowing that your business will look its best at all times and focus on your products and customer service. This is just one of the many benefits of hiring a commercial landscaping company, but it’s a big one.

When you ask us to care for your property, you get peace of mind. Our crews are reliable and professional. We show up when we say we’re going to and we do exactly what we contract for. We have a large number of crews and serve numerous communities in and around Walled Lake and Commerce Township. This means we are more than capable of meeting your needs on a regular basis.

We can also help you prevent expensive problems before they happen. Plants and trees are an investment. You don’t want to leave their care to chance. For instance, if a tree or shrub has a pest problem, we can treat it before the plant loses condition or dies. And you aren’t on your own, trying to decide what kinds of plants will do best in your soil or what kind of fertilizer to use. We’ve got that covered. Our crews weed eat, mow your yard, prune, fertilize, and water plants.

J&S Landscaping pruning shrub

Raise Property Value

Well-planned and carefully laid out landscaping improves your property value. J&S Landscaping has the best landscaping architects in the business. We can help you design paver walkways, exterior outdoor dining or seating areas, and more. Afterward, our landscaping crews can plan, plant, and care for all your flowers, trees, and shrubs, and lawns. All of this works together to improve your curb appeal and raise your property value.

Adds More Usable Space

Research has proven that customers gravitate toward businesses that make them feel valued and welcomed. An open-air meeting area that includes comfortable settings such as benches, patios, and outdoor meeting spaces is a great way to accomplish this. You are already paying to use this space, use it! And even if an open-air meeting area isn’t appropriate for your company, providing places to sit and enjoy the green space outside your business invites customers to stick around for a little while. And while they’re enjoying the atmosphere, they may think of that “one more thing” they need and purchase it from you!

The professional landscaping architects at J&S Landscaping can help you create a beautiful outdoor area for your customers. Take a look at some of our many great ideas!

J&S Landscaping bench and flowers

Clients will spend more

One of the often-unmentioned benefits of hiring a landscaping company is that customers will spend more in an attractive setting. Especially if they don’t feel rushed or pressured. And there really isn’t anything comparable to plants and trees for providing that feeling.  

J&S Landscaping Happy Customers


Improved Employee Morale

It’s been well-documented that employees who work in an attractive environment are more productive, report more job satisfaction, feel safer, and stay longer.

An attractive business with a welcoming green space invites everyone to stay a while—not just customers.

J&S Landscaping Happy Employees

Eco-friendliness Sells

The simple fact of the matter is that in today’s world, running an environmentally friendly business is beneficial both to the world and to your bottom line. Clients are paying more attention than ever to whether they are buying from someone who is conscious of their impact. They like the idea of buying from companies that are eco-friendly.

Trees and plants aren’t just for decoration. They absorb carbon dioxide, put oxygen back into the atmosphere, and provide places for birds and small animals to live. And their mere presence lowers the temperature around the exterior of your business by decreasing the heat-island effect of the surrounding pavement. This by itself, makes your business more inviting. Without saying a single word about it, you’ve established a relationship with potential customers by demonstrating a concern for the environment.

A commercial landscaping service like J&S Landscaping can easily help you attain the kind of customer-merchant relationship you want to build with your clients.

J&S Landscaping gardening center


J&S Landscaping is proud to serve as the premier landscaping company for the people of Wall Lake, Commerce Township, and surrounding areas. With our highly experienced, bonded and insured professional crews, and top-of-the-line equipment, we can meet all your landscaping and exterior maintenance needs. Check out our commercial landscaping service page for more information!

All of our installation crews have completed training and testing by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. We are certified to install brick patios & walkways, brick paver driveways, retaining wall blocks, and more. J&S Landscaping is an authorized contractor for Belgard and we’re so confident of our work that we certify it for two years.

We are member of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association. We provide a one-year guarantee for any plants, shrubs, or trees we place on your property.

Call today to learn more about what our company can do for you!






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