There are a lot of reasons that people love bonfire pits. They’re beautiful, they’re functional, they’re warm, and they give you the opportunity to do what every kid (and every adult who’s a kid at heart) wants to do: roast marshmallows!

Just like there is a science behind the perfectly roasted marshmallow, there is also science behind the perfectly designed fire pit. And to achieve a perfectly roasted marshmallow from your perfectly designed fire pit, there are a few ingredients you can choose from to suit your own unique tastes.

Flame Source: Wood or Gas?

Depending on your preferences, a bonfire pit can be lit using gas or wood. A gas bonfire pit is safe and easy to use—with the flip of a switch you can control the flame, which burns steadily with an even heat profile.

A wood bonfire pit has a more natural feel, as it emits not only heat, but the scent of wood burning and the sound of crackling logs.

Proximity to House

Choosing your flame source should be done in conjunction with choosing your fire pit location.  Gas flame bonfire pits are more limited in where they can be placed, as yourfire pit installation team will need to run a gas supply line to the bonfire pit. A wood bonfire pit can be placed anywhere. 

Both options need to be located a sufficient distance from your home and any flammable elements, and this should be carefully considered during your planning process with a professional team such as J&S Landscaping!

Shape, Size and Seating

Thought should also go into the look and accommodations of your fire pit.  How many people do you want to entertain?  How large of a patio space is available? Would a circular or square space fit your needs? How about concrete seating, or do you have a furniture set in mind?  There are a lot of questions to cover, and your design team can help sort through it all.

Bonfire Pit Materials

Another element that really defines the feel of your fire pit space is the materials used. Are you going for elegance? A smooth white stone fire pit could be a great fit. Looking for a more natural, environmental feel? Try multi-colored pavestone with rough edges. Or do you like an urban touch? Brick is available as well. Take a look at J&S Landscaping’s photo gallery for some ideas!

Importance of Hiring an Expert for Installation

No matter the answer to your above questions, when it comes time to install your bonfire pit, calling a professional team can turn your dream into a reality.  J&S Landscaping will work with you to incorporate the elements you desire, while also planning for the practicality and functionality of your fire pit. We will ensure that you new space has adequate water runoff so as to avoid damaging your home’s foundation, and we will guide you on best placement of your fire pit in the context of your existing yard and patio.

When you are ready for that perfect marshmallow, give us a call! We will start the process of planning your perfect fire pit today!