The best water feature for your property is the one you will enjoy the most. That’s because it will either be aesthetically pleasing or easy to care for. Ideally, it will be both. J & S Landscaping in Southeast Michigan can help you find the water feature that will be pleasing to look at, easy to care for, and fit your budget.

Why do you want a one?

Monetary value vs. Happiness value

This is probably one of the most important factors that will help you decide the kind of water feature for your garden. Is it to add value to your property? A pond or fountain may not always increase the value of your property. Sometimes a potential buyer will be turned off by the idea of having to care for a pool, garden pond or fountain.

But homeowners – and potential buyers – love water features for many other reasons. These reasons have less to do with its dollar value and more to do with where it falls on the “happy” scale. It’s well-established that the sounds of moving water can be soothing and induce feelings of peace and calm. Installing a garden pond, fountain or pondless waterfall might attract potential buyers because of other reasons than monetary value.

How big do you want it?


Large and dramatic vs small and simple

Of course, a water feature can be placed anywhere on your property. But some are better choices in one setting over another. For instance, if you have a large circular driveway leading up to your home, that could be the perfect spot for a multi-tiered fountain. It’s impressive during the day, and with the proper lighting at night, it can be very dramatic.

On the other hand, something as simple as a birdbath can be just as enjoyable. Why? Because it will attract birds. Place it near a birdfeeder or two and you will provide food and water for many species. This not only benefits them, but the whole local ecosystem as well. Sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee, watching the birds flit around the feeders and birdbath can be quite enjoyable and peaceful.

What kind do you want?

Conventional vs one-of-a-kind

You could go to the local home and garden store and purchase a stock water feature. There, you can buy a garden pond, small fountain or birdbath. These are all great choices if you have a smaller budget. Making a few tweaks or adding a few special landscaping touches can make them a little more personal and unique to your garden. For instance, you could take a garden pond, build it in a corner under a large tree and surround it with shade-loving ferns. This might attract some toads or dragonflies and would offer a water source for various birds.

But perhaps you have a bigger budget and bigger plans for the water feature on your property. The experts at J & S Landscaping can help you build that dream of yours. And it doesn’t have to be huge; even a medium-sized budget can bring great pleasure and be easy to care for!

One example

best water feature for your property

This family wanted a backyard oasis where they could enjoy a bit of peace and quiet in the morning before starting their hectic days. In this case, we built a tiered waterfall. The water cascades into a pond below. The water flows back up to the top of the waterfall, where it repeats the cycle as it flows back down. The patio was built with Belgard pavers. J & S Landscaping is an authorized Belgard contractor.


Installing stunning water features and complementary landscaping is one of our most popular services. Our talented professionals will work creatively with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.

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