Creating one of these three unique gardens will make your home stand out from the rest. And getting an edge above the rest of the neighborhood is key when it comes to selling your home, especially in a tight market.

Any one of these three unique gardens – Zen, pet-friendly, and woodland – can be yours with the guidance and help from the experts at J & S Landscaping.

Zen Garden

What better way to get away from the stress of the world than to a place where you can find peace and quiet? Whether you work from home or commute, there comes a time when you are ready to turn off the workday. A Zen garden is one of the three unique gardens you can create at home. It is the perfect place to find some serenity at the end (or start) of your day.

Here are some tips for creating your perfect space and how J&S Landscaping can help you.

Practicing yoga?

Will you use your space to roll out your yoga mat? If your yard has little bumps and valleys, you’ll need to level it so your Downward Facing Dog doesn’t take a tumble. Yoga not your thing? A bench for sitting in quiet contemplation is another great option. At J & S Landscaping we can help you smooth out the bumps so you can find your zen.

Sound and Silence

A water feature is ideal in a zen garden. It can create white noise to block out traffic. A water feature can also add soothing background sound. The sound of gently moving water has a calming effect on our nervous system. Whether you have space for a large fountain, or a bubbler, we can help with installation.

The Lure of Fire

There’s something about a fire that draws the eye. People love gazing into the flames. If your zen garden has space for it, why not add a fire pit? In addition to gazing into the flames, it can keep you warm on a chilly evening and extend your time out in your garden well past summer.

Peaceful plantings

Picking the right shrubs and ground cover is important. A zen garden calls for plants with soft, rounded leaves such as Columbine. Rosemary or lavender are great choices for ground cover because of their pleasant scents. J & S Landscaping can help you choose the best plants for your zen garden.

Pet Friendly Garden

We love our fur babies. Americans spent $72 billion on their pets in 2018 for food, toys and vet bills. If your dog or cat spends a lot of time outdoors, make a plan for them. The second of our three unique gardens is pet friendly. This will not only enrich their environment, but it could keep them from tearing up your garden out of boredom.


It’s so important to make sure our four-legged friends have access to water, especially if it’s the dog days of summer. Supplying fresh water for dogs and cats isn’t hard. One option is a splash pad. It not only provides water to drink, but a place to play in, too. (Even the kids will like it!). We can help you install just the right water feature for your garden.

Shrubs and other plantings

Make sure whatever you plant is safe for your pet. Some common plants are dangerous for dogs, such as lilies, daffodils and mums. So be careful where you plant these if your dog is the type that eats flowers. On the other hand, certain ornamental grasses are great in pet-friendly yards. Maiden grass does not have sharp blades that will cut or otherwise injure your pup.

There are herbs and plants that are not only safe but desirable for your cat or dog. A small patch of catnip will make your feline frisky. You won’t need to worry if your dog or cat gets into the herb garden. Some of them are beneficial to them, such as basil and dill. But some, like parsley, can be toxic, so be sure to check with your vet before planting your herb garden. Then call us. We can help you find the perfect plants that will bring beauty to your garden, while keeping your furry friend safe.


Dogs are very territorial and protective, and your family is your dog’s pack. A meandering path around your perimeter will give your canine cop something to patrol and explore. The path can be built of pavers or mulch. And if the path holds hideaways made of overhanging trees or shrubs, even better. The shade will shelter your pets on a hot day and your cat will love hunting for small creatures hiding in the bushes.

Challenge your dog

Dogs love to survey their surroundings, keeping a protective eye on the area. Why not make sure there’s a small rise for him to sit on while he oversees the yard? Or create a doggy obstacle course with a tunnel or balance beam. Your feline friend will love it too!

Whatever you decide to do, we can help you find the right plantings and design to keep your pet happy and your garden lovely.

Woodland Garden

Do you love the look and feel of an English woodland garden? It’s possible to create this last one of our three unique gardens on your own. While a woodland garden is often shady, shade doesn’t automatically make it a woodland. What distinguishes a woodland garden from others is the layers of verticality.

A woodland garden needs to have three layers – a canopy to create the necessary shade, an intermediate shrub layer, and a ground layer.


You don’t need tall, towering oak trees on your property to have a woodland garden. A mix of evergreens and deciduous trees is ideal. They add complexity and diversity to your design.

You need just the right amount of trees. Too few and you won’t get that “forest” feel you’re going for. Too many, and not enough sunlight will come through to the woodland floor.

Intermediate Layer

Smaller trees such as dogwood work here, but also shrubs such as azaleas and rhododendrons, or plants like any of the hosta varieties. Whatever you choose, make sure you have a mix of textures and colors to add interest to your garden. Native varieties and plants are always a better choice. The experts at J & S Landscaping can help you find the perfect plantings for you.

Ground Layer

This layer can include smaller herbaceous plants, grasses and ferns. Be generous in your plantings – you want the spaces under the shrubs filled in.

Final Touches

Add other elements to create your woodland garden. These could include curved paths built up from mulch. A bench tucked into a cutaway makes for a special area for enjoying the calm of the forest around you. And your woodland garden will likely attract helpful creatures such as toads, bees and butterflies.


These are just three unique gardens that J & S Landscaping can help you create. If you have a vision in mind, we can bring it to life for you! Contact us today!