Does your patio design need a refresh? Update your patio with the professionals at J & S Landscaping.

Spending more time at home with family and entertaining small groups of friends is the new normal. If you’re looking forward to spending summer months outdoors, but your patio looks tired and old, call us. Your patio might need to be refreshed with new pavers, the addition of an outdoor kitchen, a retaining wall or new landscaping.

The professional crew at J & S Landscaping can help you plan the patio refresh your home needs. And we are an authorized Belgard contractor. Our combination of technical knowledge, creativity, and experience gives properties a spectacular new look.

What is Your Patio’s Main Purpose?

You may have built your patio decades ago. If that’s the case, it’s very likely that your family’s needs have changed. Perhaps the kids are grown, and you no longer want a pool in the yard, but would love more hardscape. Or maybe you’re tired of looking at a big patio and would love more landscaped areas. As a new homeowner, you may be starting with a blank slate, with a wide array of choices and decision before you.

Whether you’re a young couple starting out, empty-nesters redesigning your space or somewhere in between, call us. We are southeast Michigan’s experts in landscaping and hardscaping.

More Hardscape in Your Patio Design

Pool Decks

This pool deck was created using Belgard Urbana pavers from their Environmental collection. J & S Landcaping is an authorized contractor for Belgard.

Let’s say you decided keep your pool but want to extend the apron around its perimeter. As hardscape experts, we can tell you that you’ll need a minimum of three feet around your pool’s perimeter to comfortably walk. Add another five feet or more if you want to lounge around the pool.

J & S Landscaping can help you choose the best paver for the job. We are authorized Belgard contractors and experts at getting the job done right the first time!  Two options for a pool deck are permeable pavers and those with a smooth finish. Permeable pavers help the environment by prevent rainwater from pooling.Multiple finishes are available, so you can find one that complements your home. Interested in a more contemporary look? Belgard’s Metropolitan collection pairs strong lines and smooth textures. Warm neutrals and natural light tones give these tiles a warm look.


Sometimes, homeowners have more dreams and wants than they have space for. We can find creative ways to build your patio. If you have a raised deck, we can build it below. We can find a nook in your landscape for a small patio, big enough for breakfast for two, lakeside.

Another idea works if you have a tiered yard and want to entertain away from the house. We’ll take a look at the available size and design around a retaining wall with seating. This means you can get by with a little less ground since seating is taken care of.

Outdoor Kitchen

Who wants to be inside cooking while everyone else is poolside having fun? An outdoor kitchen doesn’t have to be large to be well-designed and enjoyed. It just means family and friends can stay together and visit without running in and out of the house to cook.

More Landscape with Your Patio Design

We may be experts in hardscaping, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t great landscapers, too! We are experts with decades of experience and expertise. When you hire us, you’re getting professionals in Southeast Michigan.

Whether you’re looking for a vast expansion of lawn (we can do your lawn care!) or a very designed landscape with paver walkways, pocket gardens and perfect plantings, we’re the ones to call.

Backyard sanctuary

We know life can be hectic and stressful. Being in nature can lower our stress levels but it isn’t always easy to get away for a few days of camping. Why not create your own sanctuary, a place where you can sit and enjoy the early morning quiet or watch the stars come out.

 Problem gardens

We don’t live in a perfect world and as homeowners, we are often faced with garden challenges. But at J & S Landscaping, we are experts at solving those problems.

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough sun to plant what you’d like. J & S Landscaping has creative ways to get around that. How about a rock garden? An English Woodlands-type of garden? On the flip side, you might have an area that is very sunny and you’re not sure what can successfully grow there.

If your yard slopes, is eroding because it’s too wet, or has other challenges you don’t know how to handle, call us. We have fixed problem gardens for other homeowners in southeast Michigan and can do the same for you!


When it comes to refreshing an outdated and tired-looking patio, call the experts at J & S Landscaping. Or contact us online. We can help you find the solution to any of your hardscape and landscape challenges. Call 248-366-7980.