Walkways, patios and paths all have their purpose on your property. Walkways invite visitors to your door, patios extend the home’s living space, and paths guide you through the garden.

They may be different but one thing they have in common is that they can be constructed with pavers. Walkways, patios and paths can be a good investment, too. If they’re well-designed and made with quality material, they can increase the value of your home. And pavers and brick hardscapes are more stable and longer lasting than mulch paths or wood decks.

Poured concrete is often the material of choice for walkways and patios. If you want to make your home stand out from your neighbors, pavers can make the difference between ho-hum and unique.

Made from tumbled concrete blocks, pavers look more natural than poured concrete and are available in various earth tones for better integration into the landscape.

Our company is an industry leader when it comes to brick paving patios and walkways. We got this far because we love to push the envelope and don’t shy away from innovation. Because of this, we’re proud to say we create the most beautiful and unique brick pavement designs in the industry.


A well-worn path might be suitable in the woods, but when it comes to inviting visitors to your home, you want to make a great first impression. A brick or paved walkway can do that. Designed to move people efficiently from one point to another – from the curb or car to the home – they can be as attractive as they are utilitarian.

Straight walkways leading to the front door are more formal, bringing in a sense of symmetry as it divides the front lawn in half. When the pavers or bricks match the home’s exterior, it adds to the continuity and seamlessness.

Other walkways lend an air of informality and playfulness to the front yard, softening the right angles of the house and using colored bricks as accents and contrast. 


Patios extend the home’s living space to the outdoors where good weather can be enjoyed with friends and family. A well-designed new patio will add value to your home and will never go out of style.

In addition to creating a social gathering venue, great patios act as a perfect finishing touch for your home.

There’s no rule that says a patio must only extend from the back of the house.  You may opt to build a patio along the length of the house and garage. Pavers in a herringbone pattern creates a sophisticated and clean look, while giving it a smooth surface to make it functional.


A well-placed path can lead your visitor around your garden. While a walkway brings people to your door, a pathway invites them to enjoy your garden in a more meandering fashion.

Paths through a garden can be made of many types of material: mulch, gravel or wood. Pavers are especially appealing because they’re clean. They  can also have many designs and connect to patios and other walkways with continuity.

A garden path can be a link to your patio when you use the same type of paver or echo the same design pattern. A curve in the path can highlight a garden statue or eye-catching flower.  You can even use colored pavers to blend in with your landscaping.


When you’re starting to plan your hardscape features – patios, paths and walkways – gather ideas. Browse our portfolio gallery, look through magazines or take photos of what you like. Don’t limit yourself to house; commercial buildings and parks also can be sources of ideas.

After you’ve gotten a few ideas, contact our designers at J&S Landscaping. We can help you choose the architectural style that makes sense for your home and materials that will coordinate or match your home’s exterior or other hardscape elements. We’ll make sure your hardscapes are properly draining so you don’t end up with puddles. We can even help you with finishing touches such as lighting for your paths so your family and visitors are safe.