It’s August in SE Michigan, the kids are heading back to school, and you’ve already noticed the change in temperatures as autumn makes its slow, but steady entrance. You’re probably starting to think about sweaters, pumpkin spice, and looking for your fall decorations.

Don’t feel bad. We’re looking for ours too. (In the attic? The basement? At the back of the closet behind the Christmas tree? CHRISTMAS! GAH!)

If you already have a one of these beauties, then you’re going to be in a great position to implement some of our ideas for ways to use your fire pit in the fall and winter. If you don’t, then let J&S Landscaping talk you into it by sharing some of our favorite ideas.

Holiday Gatherings

Your bonfire pit is designed for year-round use. And one of the best ways to use your fire pit in the fall and winter is to include it in holiday celebrations.

This one is fun for all ages! Everyone, regardless of age, loves gathering around fires to tell stories. Whether they’re telling ghost stories or participating in storytelling games, your fire pit is the ideal centerpiece.

All you need is something hot to drink like hot mixed drinks for the adults and fancy hot cocoa for the kids (that they can dress up themselves!) and your guests will gravitate toward the fire pit to enjoy each other’s company beneath the autumn colors and starry skies.

Consider lighting up the bonfire pit during or after your Thanksgiving feast to create a cozy atmosphere. Instead of heading for the couch and sitting in front of the TV, everyone will crowd around the fire to enjoy some togetherness and full tummies.

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Warming up after winter games

Put on your mittens and your snow boots and head out to uncover your bonfire pit and light it up. Build a snowman, throw some snowballs, make some snow angels, and some memories. And when you get cold, head over to the fire pit for a thermos full of something hot and some conversation.
If none of the above appeals to you, then consider lighting up your fire pit as a reward for shoveling the driveway, clearing the outdoor living space, and sweeping off the front walkways. That thermos full of something hot and your encouragement could turn this chore into an enjoyable family project.

Romantic Getaway

If you’ve got  a fire pit in your backyard, you’ve got a ready-made romantic getaway. Of all our suggestions for ways to use your fire pit in the fall and winter, this is our favorite for couples with families who can have difficulty getting away. You don’t have to look for a babysitter or even a house sitter, don’t have to argue about what to eat or where to go. It’s all right outside your backdoor.

Just settle the kids in front of a favorite video or give them permission for a sleep over at a friend’s house. Then light up your fire pit.

No need to complicate this. Order out OR prepare a simple, but elegant meal, add some nice candles (what have you been saving them for anyway?), get your favorite old blanket, and head out to the bonfire pit to enjoy some all-important couple’s time. Talk about the day you met, your first date, all your favorite memories. Leave all your problems in the house. Don’t worry, they’ll wait. But maybe they won’t seem so difficult when you return.

Here are some more great backyard date ideas here and here!

One of the best ways to use your fire pit in the fall and winter: a tech-free retreat

Study after study has shown that while technology has its place in our lives, it can take it over if we’re not careful. Scientists, doctors, and psychiatrists have all emphasized that taking a break from technology and social media is vital to our mental health and relationships.

Though we didn’t begin with this topic because it would distract from what we’re here for (as tech always does), we believe this to be one of the most important ways to use your fire pit in the fall and winter, as well as the rest of the year. Technology breaks, even brief ones, help you disconnect and rest your brain from all the “tech noise.”

We suggest designating at least one evening a week as “tech-free.” Supplant it with something you enjoy. In this case, light up your fire pit, make some snacks, and set up a game center. Teach everyone to look forward to this evening by making it both important and fun.

Clearing away Debris

This use entirely depends on what kind of fuel your fire pit burns.

J&S Landscaping offers propane, natural gas, and wood burning fire pits. Propane is easy to find and the fire pit can be lit with a simple turn of a knob. Natural gas is much the same and is actually cheaper. Both are clean and convenient, but not designed to burn anything other than those fuels. Burning debris in gas fueled fire pits can damage the entire fire pit. And nobody wants that.

Wood burning fire pits are perfect for this purpose. You can get rid of deadfall, leaves (the amount you can burn at any given time will depend on the size of your fire pit), and even old newspapers. Be sure and clean your fire pit up afterward so you can start fresh the next time you want to use your fire pit for something a little more fun.

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These are just a few of the many ways to use your fire pit in the fall and winter. We’re sure you can come up with lots of ideas on your own!

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