Strictly speaking, pathways and walkways direct traffic to the front door of a home. However, aesthetically speaking, they can have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. Why not create a welcoming invitation by adding great design and using beautiful materials?

Proper flow and use of your property starts with accessibility. You may need a few steps to level out a walkway, or make accessing your entire yard easier with several walking paths.

No matter how they are created, the paths and walkways to your home and through your garden invites exploration and discovery.


Paths through a garden can be made of many types of material: mulch, gravel or wood. Pavers are especially appealing because they’re clean. They  can also have many designs and connect to patios and other walkways with continuity. People enjoy paths and walkways. When they walk down a path, it feels like they are exploring.

A curve in the path can highlight a water feature or a flower bed. Gardens can be link to your patio when you use the same type of paver or repeat the J and S Landscape paths and walkwayssame design pattern. You can even use colored pavers to blend in with your landscaping.


Well-worn pathways might be suitable in the woods, but when it comes to inviting visitors to your home, you want to make a great first impression. A brick or paved walkway can do that. Designed to move people efficiently from one point to another – from the curb or car to the home – they can be as attractive as they are utilitarian.

Straight walkways leading to the front door are more formal, bringing in a sense of symmetry as it divides the front lawn in half. When the pavers or bricks match the home’s exterior, it adds to the continuity and seamlessness.

Materials For Paths and Walkways

Stamped Concrete – Concrete has so much more to offer now than it did in the past. These days, it can be colored and textured to look like many other types of stone or paving materials.

Brick – Brick lends itself to no small number of walkway ideas and design options. In the image above, the path has been laid in a herringbone pattern with a border. Basket-weave, running bond, and stacked bond patterns are also excellent choices for a brick walkway.

Pavers – Pavers can really dress up a garden and are an excellent choice for more formal areas. Though pricey relative to other materials, pavers require less maintenance and upkeep than many other options that cost less.

One Last Note

When you’re starting to plan your hardscape features – patios, paths and walkways – gather ideas. Browse our beautiful portfolio gallery, look through magazines or take photos of what you like. Don’t limit yourself to houses; commercial buildings and parks also can be sources of ideas.

After you’ve gotten a few ideas, contact our designers at J&S Landscaping to help you design your beautiful new . We can help you choose the architectural style that makes sense for your home and materials that will coordinate or match your home’s exterior or other hardscape elements. We’ll make sure your hardscapes are properly draining so you don’t end up with puddles. We can even help you with finishing touches such as lighting for your paths so your family and visitors are safe. We look forward to hearing from you!