There are many reasons why you should install a fire pit on your property. A fire pit is wonderful for bringing people together. Who doesn’t love to sit around a fire and chat or gaze into the flames? Another reason to install a fire pit is because you want to extend your outdoor living into the cooler months. Finally, you might want to consider adding a fire pit if you know you’re going to sell your home within a year or two. A fire pit, even a simple one, can add value to the sale.

There are so many things to consider when you’re ready to add a fire pit to your landscape. We’ll go over some of them here but if you’re still unsure how you want to design your fire pit, don’t hesitate to call us. J & S Landscaping is the fire pit experts in southeast Michigan.

How will you use it?

Will your fire pit be part of a larger outdoor kitchen? Will you be using it for cooking? Then you may want to install a fireplace instead of a fire pit. A fireplace can be built to have ledges or mantels to hold food and cooking supplies.

If you’re looking for something to add warmth and light, to make for cozy moments with family and friends, then a fire pit is the better choice. They’re lower to the ground, and they are accessible 360 degrees around it. That means, more people can gather around it.

How will it look?


You’ve decided a fire pit is the way to go. Now you have to choose its shape. Round or square? Does it really matter? Probably not for functionality. A round fire pit has a more casual, campfire feel to it. A square fire pit has a more modern and formal feel.

Construction materials

The material you use to construct your fire pit can really impact its look and feel. Are you going for elegance? A smooth white stone fire pit could be a great fit. Looking for a more natural, environmental feel? Try multi-colored pave stones with rough edges. Or do you like an urban touch? Brick is available as well. J & S Landscaping is an authorized Belgard contractor.

How will you fuel it?

One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when you install a fire pit is its fuel source. Will you use gas or wood? They each have their pros and cons.


Wood may be cheaper but you’ll have to be careful where you store your wood pile. Stacks of wood can attract insects and spiders so you don’t want it piled too close to your home. Plus, you have to keep it dry. A wood fire has a certain appeal to some people. They like the smokey atmosphere and smell. On the other hand, smoke can burn your guests’ eyes and it isn’t really healthy to breathe in.


A gas-sourced fire pit gets rid of some of the negatives of a wood-burning fire pit – the smoke, wet wood, etc. And it’s so easy to start – just flip a switch. But a major drawback will be where you want to place your fire pit. It will be expense if install the gas line, so you’ll want to install the fire pit close to the house.

Need some inspiration? Check out our gallery of fire pit projects.

Ready to Install Your Fire Pit?

No matter the answer to your above questions, when it comes time to install your bonfire pit, calling a professional team can turn your dream into a reality. J&S Landscaping will work with you to incorporate the elements you desire, while also planning for the practicality and functionality of your fire pit.

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