With the appearance of each flower and bud, spring is slowly but surely emerging here in Walled Lake, Michigan. For gardening enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, this is an exhilarating time of year. But regardless of how welcome the change in seasons is, it also brings extra duties and chores and not everyone welcomes them.

Some people eagerly grab their gardening tools, inspect the weed eater’s string, sharpen the lawn mower blade, and happily browse for new plants. However, others may wonder if they have the time and desire to do it themselves, or if they should hire a lawn care service.

Making this decision can be challenging. Juggling work and family is challenging. Finding a moment to unwind and rest is a struggle. The thought of dedicating their scarce free time to yard maintenance isn’t appealing for many people. And it’s completely understandable.

If you identify with this, opt for a lawn care service that can fulfill your needs. You already know that SE Michigan experiences long, cold winters and short springs. To operate in Wall Lake, lawn care and maintenance companies needs a specialized skill-set that goes beyond simple tasks like mowing and weed eating.

Making this decision isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation, so having a checklist can be helpful to begin. Here are seven tips for selecting the perfect lawn care service for your home.

Experience And Manpower Make a Difference

In this industry, nothing can replace the value of experience. Years of experience are more valuable than snappy uniforms and fancy equipment. Be bold and ask about the company’s years of operation. For example, J&S Landscaping has been offering lawn care and maintenance services in Walled Lake and nearby regions for more than a decade.

Considering a test-drive of a new service? Find out about their past employment, duration, and job responsibilities. Don’t hesitate to seek out references.

Ask about the number of employees in their crew and how they ensure their landscaping teams are ready for their tasks. Also, make sure to ask about their certifications and the greenhouses they have partnerships with.

The Right Lawn Care Service Replies Promptly

Make sure to ask every service you get in touch with about their policy on returning customer calls in a timely manner. If they’re being elusive, find someone who will give you a straight answer. Prompt response and flexibility are necessary for dealing with important issues like fallen or damaged trees. It shouldn’t be challenging to reach out for help with your service if you have questions or need to modify your agreement.

Many Tools Make for Better Outcomes

Landscaping services possess numerous tools in their arsenal for maximum effectiveness. You’re looking for someone with knowledge in horticulture, chemistry, and biology. When they’re unsure, they know where to turn for answers.  The ideal lawn care service knows that the well-being of your yard relies on not only fertilizers and pesticides, but also proper soil and plant care. If they can only offer a limited range of solutions when questioned, it may be best to find another landscaping service.

Eclectic Expertise

A good lawn care service goes beyond mowing and fertilizing your yard. You can also expect them to offer tree and plant care. If you’re looking for plants or considering a walkway/raised bed, they have the expertise to assist or connect you with the right professional.

Availability is Important

When you ask about the timing and frequency, they should be able to look at their calendar and give you the information you need. Remember to inquire about any policies that cover exceptions, such as inclement weather or illness. If there is no one who can give a clear answer, keep searching until you find someone who can. It is important for any reputable company offering lawn care and maintenance in Walled Lake to have a schedule and contingency plan.

J&S Landscaping

Exceptional Lawn Care Services at Competitive Rates

The companies with the lowest prices may not always provide the best service. The ideal lawn care service offers the best of both worlds by combining quality and affordability. When evaluating providers, make sure to seek written, comprehensive quotes. Don’t hesitate to ask for more details if something is unclear.

Natural Problems: Natural Solutions

Dealing with pests like bugs, rodents, or birds is just a normal part of outdoor life. You cannot and should not eradicate all of them from your surroundings. Pest control doesn’t always mean resorting to poison and extermination. It’s crucial for both your well-being and the environment. When choosing a landscaping service, look for one that offers a range of environmentally friendly solutions for deterring or removing spiders, wasps, and other pests.

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J&S Landscaping provides lawn care and maintenance services in Walled Lake and nearby areas. You can rely on us to come to your residence regularly, based on what works best for you. As previously noted, our business has been running for over ten years, and many of our employees have been here for most of that duration. Our team members have been trained with great care and are dedicated to serving us and our clients with pride.

We are a member of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association. Our team provides top-notch lawn care and support for plants, trees, and shrubs. And everything we purchase and plant for you has a one-year guarantee.

Here’s a review by one of our many happy customers-

The team was friendly and did a quality job, responsive and executing additional requests without hesitation.  I like to have them as my land care team.
-T. Sunder

J&S Landscaping provides a variety of other services that include snow removal, power washing, and hardscaping. Our contracts can include those services if you’re interested in employing us to them for you regularly.

We are certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute to install paver patios & walkways, brick paver driveways, retaining walls and more. We are an authorized contractor for Belgard and we’re so confident of our work that we certify our installations for two years. All of our crews are carefully trained, certified, and bonded.

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