J & S Landscaping Maintenance Portfolio

Landscaping Ideas & Design

If you’re looking for some cutting edge landscaping ideas, then your search is over! On this page, we highlight some of our finest work from the 22 years we have been in business. As always, if you have any questions, give us a call anytime!

Landscaping ideas 1 Walled Lake
Landscaping ideas 2 Commerce Township
Landscaping ideas 3 West Bloomfield
Landscaping ideas 4 Michigan
Landscaping ideas 5 Walled Lake
Landscaping ideas 6 Commerce Township
Landscaping ideas 7 West Bloomfield
Landscaping ideas 8 Michigan
Landscaping ideas 9 Walled Lake
Landscaping ideas 10 Commerce Township
Landscaping ideas 11 West Bloomfield
Landscaping ideas 12 Michigan
Landscaping ideas 13 Walled Lake
Landscaping ideas 14 Commerce Township
Landscaping ideas 15 West Bloomfield
Landscaping ideas 16 Michigan
Landscaping ideas 17 Walled Lake
Landscaping ideas 18 Commerce Township
Landscaping ideas 19 West Bloomfield
Landscaping ideas 20 Michigan

Water Features

Installing stunning water features is one of our most popular services. Our talented professionals work creatively make sure you are 100% satisfied with your latest project. Here are some of the best installations we did in Southeastern Michigan:

Water Features 1 Walled Lake
Water Features 2 Commerce Township
Water Features 3 West Bloomfield
Water Features 4 Michigan
Water Features 5 Walled Lake
Water Features 6 Commerce Township
Water Features 7 West Bloomfield
Water Features 8 Michigan
Water Features 9 Walled Lake
Water Features 10 Commerce Township
Water Features 11 West Bloomfield
Water Features 12 Michigan

Bonfire Pits

Our portfolio of bonfire pits makes us proud. Few landscaping projects add the same level of warmth (figuratively and literally) as a new bonfire pit. Here at J&S Landscaping Solutions, we tailor your newest project to your needs so your new outdoor gathering spot is perfect. Here are some of the projects we completed in the past:

Bonfire Pits 1 Walled Lake
Bonfire Pits 2 Commerce Township
Bonfire Pits 3 West Bloomfield
Bonfire Pits 4 Michigan
Bonfire Pits 5 Walled Lake
Bonfire Pits 6 Commerce Township
Bonfire Pits 7 West Bloomfield
Bonfire Pits 8 Michigan
Bonfire Pits 9 Walled Lake
Bonfire Pits 10 Commerce Township
Bonfire Pits 11 West Bloomfield
Bonfire Pits 12 Michigan
Bonfire Pits 13 Walled Lake
Bonfire Pits 14 Commerce Township
Bonfire Pits 15 West Bloomfield
Bonfire Pits 16 Michigan
Bonfire Pits 17 Walled Lake
Bonfire Pits 18 Commerce Township
Bonfire Pits 19 West Bloomfield
Bonfire Pits 20 Michigan

Patios & Walkways

Designing patios and walkways is one of our company’s core specialties. Here are some of our favorite projects we completed here in Southeastern Michigan:


Patios & Walkways 1 Walled Lake
Patios & Walkways 2 Commerce Township
Patios & Walkways 3 West Bloomfield
Patios & Walkways 4 Michigan
Patios & Walkways 5 Walled Lake
Patios & Walkways 6 Commerce Township
Patios & Walkways 7 West Bloomfield
Patios & Walkways 8 Michigan
Patios & Walkways 9 Commerce Township
Patios & Walkways 10 West Bloomfield

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting done right makes a home light up under the crisp Michigan sky. We have a passion for making your landscape as beautiful in the night time as it is under the sun. In fact, a lot of time it will look even better. Here are some of the warm touches we put on local landscapes in recent years:

Outdoor Lighting 1 Walled Lake
Outdoor Lighting 2
Outdoor Lighting 3 West Bloomfield
Outdoor Lighting 4 Michigan
Outdoor Lighting 5 Walled Lake
Outdoor Lighting 6
Outdoor Lighting 7 West Bloomfield
Outdoor Lighting 8 Michigan
Outdoor Lighting 9 Walled Lake
Outdoor Lighting 10
Outdoor Lighting 11 West Bloomfield

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