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Here are some tips for writing great reviews (not just for J & S Landscaping) and where to post your review online…

1)  Write your review in a Word Document and save it. Some websites don’t allow editing of reviews, so this will help you avoid any spelling errors.  This will also make it much easier if you want to post your review on more than one website, since you can just copy & paste it!  Most importantly, if there is a problem with posting your review, you won’t lose your work.

2)  While many sites allow you to submit a review via mobile website or app, we recommend you do this on an computer.  If mobile is your only option, then we suggest that you write your review in an email and send it to yourself first.  Again, you can copy & paste it and won’t lose your work.

3)  If you can, take a picture first.  This will help make your review stand out.  It will also help people reading your review better visualize what you are talking about. Some sites will even allow you upload multiple photos.

4)  There are hundreds of websites where you can write and read reviews online, we just hand picked some of the major ones.  Please feel free to post a review on any website of your choice if you don’t see one of your favorites on the right.

Here are some of our reviews.