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 J&S Landscaping in Wixom is extremely proud to be a part of your community! And  we work hard to bring you best products, services, and lawn care specialists we have to offer.  Check out everything we offer and give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

J&S Landscaping Wixom

Landscape Design

The landscaping around your home or business is a reflection of your standards and tastes. So when you hire a landscaping company to help you plan it, you want the best.  

 J&S Landscaping in Wixom has the best landscaping architects in the area. Using state-of-the-art technology and your description of what you want, we will help you create a landscape that will delight you every time you look at it. 

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J&S Landscaping Wixom

Commercial Lawn Care

Just running a business is hard work! You probably spend many hours just covering the details inside your building, never mind the flower beds, trees, and green space around it. Who has time for that when you’re already elbow-deep in paperwork and inventory?

The lawn care professionals at J&S Landscaping  in Wixom are the solution! We handle it all! From planting and caring for plants and trees, to lawn care maintenance, we’ve got all your covered. Our specialists even provide in-ground sprinkler maintenance.  All of us at J&S Landscaping pride ourselves in providing the best commercial lawn care in Wixom!

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J&S Landscaping Wixom

Residential Lawn Care

When you are already balancing a career and a full personal life, taking care of your yard can be a huge chore. Instead of taking some well-earned downtime on your days off, there’s mowing, pruning, mulching, raking, and plant care to attend to.

Why burn up your days off when you can call the lawn care professionals at J&S Landscaping in Wixom to tend to it for you? We offer the finest in lawn care in Wixom. When you contact us, our specialists will meet with you, see what you need from us, and create a schedule that will keep your yard looking beautiful. 

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J&S Landscaping Wixom


J&S Landscaping offers complete mulching service to all of Wixom and the outlying areas. We carry a variety of biodegradable soil toppers, including natural and dyed cedar and hardwood mulch. And we only carry fresh mulch, so it will last the entire growing season. If requested, our lawn care professionals will spread it in locations of your choice.

We also offer gravel, high-quality top soil, play sand, and crushed concrete.

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J&S Landscaping Wixom

Power Washing

Life is messy! It takes its toll on homes and businesses just like it does people! Over time, air pollution, mud, graffiti, and oil-stained pavement can dim the beauty of your property.

But J&S Landscaping in Wixom can help! We offer the best power washing service in town! Our crews combine ultra-high-pressure washers and cleaning solutions to give your property the shine it deserves.

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J&S Landscaping Wixom

Outdoor Living in Wixom

Is it time to add a new patio area to your property? Or have you been thinking about how nice it would be to have a fire pit to sit around in the evenings?

J&S Landscaping in Wixom can give you that and more! Within just a few days, we can transform your mundane back yard into a breathtaking outdoor living area that you’ll want to use for all your entertaining for years to come!

Give us a call and let our architects and specialists help you creates a space  you will enjoy for years to come!

J&S Landscaping in Wixom is your full-service lawn care solution!

J&S Landscaping in Wixom has been a part of this community for more than twenty-three years. Our customers know they can count on us to provide the best service every time they call. Our specialists take pride in giving all customers the same level of service, whether it’s a large business, a huge home in the country, a private golf course, or a homeowner with a small yard.  And since we only work with the best materials and hire the best people, we can guarantee all our work.

Our specialists and staff are a point of pride for us. Many of them have been with us for ten years or more. They are invested in our superior reputation as a landscaping company. Our specialists are all bonded and insured. We only hire the best people. And we spend a great deal of time making sure they are trained to meet our high standards.

All J&S Landscaping paver specialists have a certification from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. This ensures that they are familiar with the newest methods of paver installation and can help you choose the pavers that best fulfill your needs and expectations. All of our workmanship comes with a lifetime guarantee.

And to make sure that you get the highest quality pavers available, we strongly recommend brands that offer a lifetime guarantee, like Belgard does. If a paver cracks during normal use, they replace it at no cost to the customer.

J&S Landscaping in Wixom only works with high quality plants, shrubs, and trees from reputable greenhouses. And we stand behind those too, with a one-year guarantee of replacement. We are members of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association and abide by their standards.

Are you a resident of Wixom or live nearby and want more information about J&S Landscaping? Drop us a line below or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!


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