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We are a proud member of the Clarkston community!  We strive to bring you  the best services, products, and lawn care specialists in the field. Check out our services below and give us call!

Landscaping in Clarkston

Landscaping and Design

The face of your home or business tells the world who you are! So you want to be sure it says what you want it to say. J&S Landscaping in Clarkston has the best landscaping architects in area.

Our architects masterfully combine experience, artistic skills, and state-of-the-art technology to give your home or business a look that is sure to impress!

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Commercial Lawn Care in Clarkston

Commercial Lawn Care in Clarkston

Hiring the lawn care specialists from J&S Landscaping to take care of the outside of your  business lets you focus on what you’re best at—running your business.

Our professional staff handle everything from lawn care in Clarkston to planting to seasonal clean up. We also take care of in-ground sprinkler system maintenance.  All of this saves you valuable time and money!

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J&S Landscaping in Clarkston

Residential Lawn Care in Clarkston

Let’s face facts. No matter how much you want a beautiful yard, it’s almost impossible  have one when you’re already balancing work with a busy personal life. So what can you do? Call J&S Landscaping!  You can count on us to handle all the details of all your lawn care in Clarkston, including sprinkler maintenance. 

With our help, the only thing you need to worry about is how to make the time to enjoy your beautiful yard!

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J&S Landscaping in Clarkston


J&S Landscaping provides a full-range of mulching services to Clarkston and surrounding areas. We carry a variety of biodegradable mulches—cedar, hardwoods, both natural and dyed. Our mulch is always fresh, so when our crew delivers soil toppers and spreads them, you know they will last the entire growing season.

We also carry play sand, gravel, crushed concrete, and high-quality top soil.

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J&S Landscaping in Clarkston

Power Washing

Just like cars and people, businesses and homes get dirty. Add the work of one or two graffiti artists and some oil stains in the parking lot or driveway and your business or home can get pretty dingy-looking.

Let J&S Landscaping in Clarkston wash it all away! With our ultra-high-pressure washers and special cleaning solutions, our power washing crews can leave your home or business looking as good as new.

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J&S Landscaping in Clarkston

Outdoor Living

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade the outdoor living area in your home, J&S Landscaping can help!  Putting in a new patio, fire pit, outdoor fireplace, or kitchen can completely change how you use your yard.

Give us a call and let our architects and specialists help you creates a space  you will enjoy for years to come!

J&S Landscaping in Clarkston is your full-service lawn care solution!

J&S Landscaping in Clarkston has provided our community with the finest lawn care and exterior care services available for twenty-three years. We believe in giving our customers the best possible service without exception every time! Whether we’re power washing a parking lot, pruning shrubs, or building an outdoor living area, we give the same level of attention to detail. We only work with the best materials and only hire the best people.

Our specialists are committed to customer satisfaction and will work hard to give you exactly what you ask for and more. Our employees typically stay with us for many years, but when we hire new people, we make sure they are fully vetted. We are careful to train everyone on our crews and staff to reflect our high standards. All  our employees who work with pavers earn a certification from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. This means the newest methods of installation inform all decisions. And though we rarely have to return to a job site, we guarantee our workmanship for two years.  Furthermore, all of our specialists are also bonded and insured.

Because we know that the quality of the work has to be accompanied by high-quality materials, we only work with high quality brands. We like brands like Belgard because their pavers come with life-time guarantees.

We are a member of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association. We stand behind the quality of the plants we provide. And any trees and plants we place on your property have a one-year guarantee of replacement.

Do you live in or near Clarkston and want more information about what we can do for you? Call or drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you!

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