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J&S Landscaping in Novi is extremely proud to be Novi’s leading landscaping company. We bring you  the best of everything–materials and equipment and a bonded and insured staff–to provide you with premium service every time you call!

J&S Landscaping Novi landscaping design

Landscape Design

Do you have a new home or business in Novi and want to accentuate its beauty with new landscaping? Or maybe it’s time to update a property you’ve owned for many years? J&S Landscaping in Novi can help! Our landscaping architects are the best in Novi! We combine years of experience, an eye for beauty, and state-of-the-art technology with your vision to give your home or business an eye-catching new look!

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J&S Landscaping Novi commercial lawn maintenance

Commercial Lawn Care

J&S Landscaping lawn care crews take care of the face of  businesses in Novi so business owners can focus on what you do best. We handle everything from power washing sidewalks to seasonal clean up, mowing, and pruning green spaces. Our crews make quick work of autumn clean-up with leaf blowers, rakes, and brooms. We also handle sprinkler system maintenance by blowing out the lines in the fall and checking fittings in the spring, saving you time and money.

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J&S Landscaping Novi residential lawn care

Residential Lawn Care

You have a beautiful home, and you want a beautiful lawn and garden. And while Novi is known for its lovely trees, maintaining them can be an enormous job. But with your full life, you just don’t have time to keep up with all of it.  So what can you do? Call J&S Landscaping and let our full-service landscaping specialists do the work for you! We take care of many homes in Novi and would love to add you to our list of clients!

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J&S Landscaping Novi Mulch


J&S Landscaping offers complete mulching services to all of Novi. We carry an extensive selection of biodegradable soil toppers—including hard wood and cedar, both dyed and natural. We deliver the soil topper you request and spread it where it’s needed. Our mulch is always fresh so it will last for an entire growing season.

We also carry gravel, crushed concrete, play sand, and quality topsoil.

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J&S Landscaping Novi Power Washing

Power Washing

Over time, all buildings—homes and businesses both—get covered with dirt and grime. In town, air pollution adds to the problem. In rural areas, pollen, mud, and dust coat the siding of homes and businesses. And—let’s face it, if you own a business in an urban area—graffiti happens. That is not how you want your customers in Novi to picture your business!

J&S Landscaping in Novi can wash it all away! Our crews are armed with ultra-high pressure power washers and special cleaning solutions. Within a few hours, your home or business will look brand-new!

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J&S landscaping Novi Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living

Your yard is a room without walls. And just like the rest of your home, it should be inviting and beautiful; a space that brings you joy every time you use it! J&S Landscaping builds outdoor living areas that meet the needs of every lifestyle—whether it’s a large outdoor kitchen or a fire pit or a patio. No job is too large or small for us.

Have you been thinking about adding a firepit to your outdoor living area? Or are you considering a new patio?

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J&S Landscaping in Novi is your full-service landscaping and lawn care solution!

J&S Landscaping in Novi has provided our community with the finest lawn and exterior care services available for 23 years. We are driven to provide exceptional service, without fail, every time. It doesn’t matter whether we’re power washing a business, removing snow from a driveway, or building someone’s outdoor living area, we are committed to perfection and customer satisfaction. And we do this by only working with the best materials and hiring the best people.

Our crews understand that your satisfaction is important. Most of our employees have been with us for many years and when we hire new—they are fully vetted and carefully trained to our high standards. To bring you further peace of mind, they are also bonded and insured.

At J&S Landscaping, we only work with the best materials and equipment. Brands like Belgard are high on our list of preferred pavers because they stand behind their products with lifetime guarantees. All the crews at J&S Landscaping earn a certification from the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute to ensure that they provide customers with up-to-date quality. And even though it’s unlikely that you’ll need to call us, we will guarantee our workmanship for two years.

J&S Landscaping is a member of the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association. Our reputation for providing the best lawn care service is important to us. We stand by our work and our reputation. Any trees and plants we place on your property have a one-year guarantee.

Would you like information about what J&S Landscaping can do for you? Call or drop us a line! We’d love to hear from you!

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