Jim Neil

Landscaper Commerce Township, Michigan

May 22, 2013 | Commerce Township, MI – Jeff has been my landscaper for about 5 years now. My wife and I have had him do extensive work to our house’s landscape. In particular, his crew put in a custom brick paver walkway and firepit in my backyard as well as a paver walkway up to my front door of my house and a paver walkway on the side of my house as well.

Also, Jeff is very happy to service the jobs he’s done. For example, I had a root from a large tree start growing up under my paver walkway 4 years after it was installed and Jeff’s guys came out and fixed the problem and Jeff didn’t charge for any of it! He’s very committed to his clients.

Annually, Jeff does my spring cleanup in the yard, turns on and adjusts/fixes my sprinklers, spreads mulch/bark in all my flower beds, etc., and cuts the grass weekly. His team is outstanding. Everything is done timely and professionally. And Jeff’s pricing is great, he’s very fair and easy to work with.

If you have any sort of project you’re thinking of doing, be sure to include J&S when getting your job quoted out. Jeff is great to work with, always answers his phone, and is prompt with any response you’re looking for. He’s dedicated to providing the best service anyone could ask for.

I’m very pleased with everything he’s done for us and happy to say that I use J&S Landscaping for all my outdoor projects and needs.  

Jim Neil,  
Commerce Township